Transitioning into Rowan Park from Rowan Tree Annexe: 

During the year:

  • Classes from the Rowan Tree will attend assemblies and events at Rowan Park 
  • Classes from the Rowan Tree will attend swimming sessions at Rowan Park 
  • Classes from the Rowan Tree will have the opportunity to access the Rowan Adventure Playground 

We have a transition booklet for all children, this can be altered to ensure it suits each individual child, it contains photographs of Rowan Park main site and is used to show the children where they are going and what area of the school we will be accessing on each visit. 

The bus from Rowan Park or Rowan high will be used to transport the children to Rowan Park for all the events. 

Summer term:

When it’s time for transitions into new classes the children will already be confident accessing the school, then it’s time to meet their new class teams. 

  • The children will have visits to Rowan Park were they will have the opportunity to meet the staff for their new class teams 
  • The children will visit Rowan Park at different times of the day, including lunch time and play time to ensure they have experienced the school hall and larger outside areas 
  • Parents evening in the summer term will be an opportunity for parents to meet the new class teams for their child. 

Transitioning into Rowan Tree Annexe: 

Pre September: 

  • Your child’s new teacher from Rowan Tree Annexe will visit your child in their nursery setting and speak to their Key person. The teacher will gather important information about your child to ease their transition into their new school. 
  • Coffee Afternoon – where you will meet your child’s staff team, see their classroom and discuss any questions that you might have. The coffee afternoon is also a great opportunity for you to share important information about your child with their new class staff. 
  • A number of visits for your child to visit their new class in Rowan Tree Annexe. We have found in the past that it is beneficial for their nursery Key Worker to accompany them for the first few visits. The numbers and length of visits would depend on the needs of the individual child. 
  • New Family Welcome & Information Booklet: 
  • New Pupil Welcome Booklet (Your child’s booklet will be more individualised to them and their class) 


  • Details of class timetable. 
  • Curriculum Overview. 
  • Transition Questionnaire – what you felt went well and if there was anything we could do make it better. 
  • Regular contact with class team. 
  • Class Dojo set up letter or email 

Family Involvement: 

At Rowan Park School and Rowan Tree annexe we also want to give families the opportunities to share the wonderful work and activities that you do with your child at home. 

We send home: 

  • ‘Magic Moments Books’ – a way to share and celebrate all the wonderful things your child does at home. We leave it entirely up to you how you want to present your book. Activities could be related to IEP targets or just what you have all been up to for fun. 
  • Class Mascot with different pupil each weekend, this contains a book to add photographs or text of the things you and your family do with the class mascot at the weekend. This is shared with The Rowan Tree classes during Friday assemblies’. 
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