Personal, social and emotional development (PSED) 


  • Self-Regulation 
  • Managing self 
  • Building relationships 

At Rowan Park and The Rowan Tree we provide with a safe and welcoming environment along with supportive adults, this ensures they can build strong and supportive relationships with adults to enable children to understand their own feelings and the feelings of others. With adult support children have the opportunity to begin to understand their how to look after their own bodies, including healthy eating and personal hygiene.  

We use the ‘Zones of regulation’ to support children’s awareness of their own emotions and sensory needs. With adult modelling children are introduced to a variety of resources to support their sensory needs and encouraged to begin to access these tools with growing independence. We also access advice and support from Shine Therapy, occupational therapists that focus on sensory seeking and aversion behaviours and the support and tools each individual child may need.  

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