Closure of RAP – Information for Fob Holders

An email was sent to current Fob Holders advising of the closure of the RAP, unfortunately some members did not receive this email.

To give you an update, the RAP has been closed with effect from 7th November 2023, to remove the play equipment and to make the area safe.

As the RAP was built with external funding for children/young adults with Special Educational Needs to have a safe place to play, we will have to begin the process again of bidding for funding to get the equipment replaced. Unfortunately, this will take some time.

Whilst new plans are drawn up and funds raised, all memberships have been suspended and will be reactivated once the new equipment has been implemented. We will not be taking on any new memberships during this period of time and current fob holders will have their memberships extended for the current length of time they have on their memberships (e.g. from November to March).

Once an assessment has been carried out on the current condition of the RAP, a decision will be made as to whether to open it to fob holders to provide a safe place for their children to play in an enclosed space (on their bicycles, etc.).

Thank you for your understanding at this time.

Regards, Karen Lynskey (Headteacher)

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