Rowan Park is an ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network)-accredited special school .ASDAN is a widely respected organisation that specialises in providing flexible and engaging accreditation and qualifications for learners of all abilities. It is through ASDAN accreditation,that we can demonstrate and celebrate our students success throughout their time her at Rowan Park

Our school has successfully completed the rigorous ASDAN accreditation process, which includes the evaluation of our curriculum, teaching methods, assessment practices, and the overall impact on student progress and achievement. This accreditation assures parents, guardians, and stakeholders that our special school adheres to the highest educational standards and promotes the holistic development of our students.

By incorporating ASDAN programs into our curriculum, we offer our students a diverse range of accreditation modules for our subjects, these are practical and appropriate, while fostering independence, confidence, and a sense of achievement. Through engaging projects and activities, we encourage our students to explore their interests, develop their talents, and reach their full potential.

We predominately use two differing accreditation depending upon the educational pathway of each student, ASDAN Life Skill Challenge and ASDAN Personal Progress. These accreditation are flexible and can be interchangeable depending upon individual needs.

Lifeskill Challenge

Lifeskills Challenge is an online bank of challenges for learners working from pre-Entry to Level 3. This programme enables us here at Rowan Park to meet individual needs by providing a personalised curriculum for young people with SEND or those facing barriers to learning.

Challenges have been mapped to the four Preparing for Adulthood pathways and cover subject areas such as English, mathematics and PSHE.

We initially choose challenges that reflect our broad and balanced curriculum, in turn matching these to students ability. We endeavor to complete a minimum of 16 modules a year although this can varry depending upon the level and teachign hours required.

At the end of Year 14 Students receive a certificate from ASDAN showing their journey throughout there 5 years on our programme. These certificates are bespoke to the individual learner and often reflect special interests, work experiences attended as well Maths, English and World of Work

ASDAN Lifeskill Challenge

Personal Progress

ASDAN’s Personal Progress (PP) qualifications have been designed to address the needs of learners with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), working at Entry 1 or below. The qualifications ensure that all learners are given the same opportunities to access appropriate and relevant education to develop new skills and improve their life outcomes. 

Students whom are usually on our inform learners pathway undertake this accreditation pathway during their time in 14-19. Highly experience teachers have mapped accreditation modules to our curriculum, which ensures that informal learners not only complete a balanced curriculum that offers the same breadth as semi formal learners but that they also are accredited foe their hard work.

Personal Progress offer 4 levels of certificate

  • Award
  • Certificate
  • Extended Certificate
  • Diploma

All students will attain at least the Award during their time in 14-19 with most attaining the full Diploma award.

ASDAN Personal Progress

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